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我們創建於1945 年,當時富有遠見的創辦人吳文華先生開始了萬家香的醬油事業,讓無法抗拒的烹飪香氣飄到萬戶家庭中。

萬 :象徵著萬家萬戶,代表了我們口味的廣受喜愛, 從家庭廚房到熙熙攘攘的餐廳廚房,我們的醬油可以融入無數的餐點。

家:象徵著每個家庭聚會的核心, 我們的醬油成為代代相傳的珍貴食譜的一部分。

香:這是我們品牌的靈魂,展現了提升菜餚的香氣魔力, 天然釀造的醬油、米醋和特色醬汁都帶有這種精髓,增強了各種美食的風味。




At WANJASHAN, we are more than just a condiment producer—we are stewards of culinary heritage. Our story begins in 1945, when our visionary founder, Mr. Wen-Hua Wu, embarked on a mission to create soy sauce that would permeate ten thousand households with its irresistible aroma.
WANJASHAN—a name steeped in meaning—reflects our commitment to tradition and excellence:
WAN: Symbolizing ten thousands, it represents the vast reach of our flavors. From cozy home kitchens to bustling restaurant kitchens, our sauces find their way into countless meals.
JA: Evoking the essence of a house or household, it signifies the heart of every family gathering. Our sauces become part of cherished recipes, passed down through generations.
SHAN: The soul of our brand, it embodies the aromatic magic that elevates dishes. Our naturally brewed soy sauce, rice vinegar, and specialty sauces carry this essence, enhancing flavors across cuisines.
From the retail market to the food industry, WANJASHAN bridges the gap, connecting tradition with innovation. We honor the past while embracing the future, one savory drop at a time. Join us on this flavorful journey!